Hi all
i am in urgent need of help!

my sunbeam 120mm HSF isn't fitting onto my AM3 board - gigabyte 790xta-ud4.

i can clip it onto one side of the bracket, but as soon as i try to clip the fan onto the other side, it requires TONS of strain

i don't want to break anything and i have no idea as to how to clip it on.

please help!!
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  1. i may have reason to believe that the HSF is supposed to come with a short clip on one side and a longer clip on the other, and i got two short clips instead...
    is this at all possible??
  2. It does need a lot of pressure. having the mobo in your lap is a good idea, and you need to inspect the bottom of the board anyway to ensure the 4 pins are locked in.

    If your talking fans, it depends on the fan. Some fan springs are made for open end fan holes. Some aren't that way and it's ahrd to do.

    It's possible you got the wrong fan spring.
  3. what i mean is umm... what they call the "mounting clip" that sits on the bottom of the fan and is supposed to clip to either side of the brackets surrounding the CPU.

    there's a good half-inch of distance to be covered when the HSF is clipped on one side and sits straight up on the CPU...

    is there any way i can check if i got the wrong thing?
  4. You can email thier tech support? Take a pic and email it to them?
  5. i've heard that sunbeamtech has really horrid tech support...

    i'm pretty sure that the 790xta-ud4 has a retention bracket that isn't compatible with the sunbeam cr-cctf 120mm HSF.

    i might try to bend the fan clips that attach to the retention bracket unless anybody has any better ideas...
  6. Zipties! Drill small holes in the HS fins and use wire?
  7. Are you sure it is compatible?

    I haven't mount any AMD HSF in a while, but the AM3 isn't on cr-cctf compatibility list.

    Edit: No apparently they have the same mounting system, so you should be good.
  8. so..... i actually decided to take a hammer to my HSF clips and bend them so that they reached far enough to teh retention bracket.

    anyway - for future buyers....
    BEWARE, the 790xta-ud4 is NOT compatible with the CR-CCTF 120mm HSF....
    unless you hammer it flat
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    Congrats! Your a beginning modder! All it takes is the right attitude and a big enuff hammer.
  10. thanks man for stickin with me thru it ;)
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