Lg supermulti shuts down pc

i recently installed an Lg sata ram dvd rw drive when i try to drag files from the disc or any disc i put in it the pc blue screens and shuts down this does not happen if i use the send to option can any one help i have tryed this of externals and it is fine the lg is new but used it in old machine it was fine running xp home
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  1. may be bcz of week power supply & try with some other new PSU
    also check sata cable
  2. Thanks i have my suspisions as to that issue
  3. Have now replaced the sata with a sony drive and it works fine i suspect there is some sort of conflict to do with sata on the board as it works fine with an external power supply and plugged into an external usb socket and the drive is fine in my sons i5 machine thanks for your help
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