help with cpu/gfx card

Ok after x-mas i plan to upgrade a lil bit not alot.

1st is the vid card cause mine is faulty
2nd is cpu

I plan to oc it and i alrdy have a good cooler.

my main concern is will that cpu bottleneck the video card. I dont think it will but what do u guys think? i cant go quad core cause i dont wanna buy a new mobo, i dont have enough money for that.

i will also have 4 gigs of ram by then. and a corsair 750watt psu.

so any info would be nice
thx in advance
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  1. Looks fine. And the psu is enough.
  2. What games do you play? What resolution do you play at?
  3. right now i play css, all cod's including 5, fallout 3.
    i plan to play left 4 dead, diablo 3, starcraft 2.
    i dont play crysis didnt like it.

    i have a 20in 1680x1050
    right now i have a hd3850 iceqturbo but is faulty. so im gonna get the card i posted.
  4. after christmas huh? prices should go down by than.... i wouldnt be surprised if hd5000 series was fully announced by thn.. should drop prices nicely =]
  5. FPS games at 16x10. I wouldn't bother with the 4870, get the 4850 instead. The CPU you picked out is good, but with the money saved you should be able to get a quad. You should be able to get the 9950 for the same price, and at 16x10, you won't notice the difference.
  6. I would make sure your motherboard can use the CPU, and if the video card is still under warranty get it fixed and keep it as a spare or sell it.
    Good choice on the video card, VisionTek is the only ATI card I would buy.
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