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I'm currently using an MSI 915P/G Plat motherboard. I have had few problems in the past, but now my pci express slot isn't working properly. I just uprgraded from 2 gbs to 4gbs of ram and in doing so my PED slot is now being detected twice (where before it was only once) and I get an error from ATI Catalyst (as I'm running a ATI Radeon 2400 HD Pro) that says "Error: There is no ATI driver installed, or your ati driver is not working properly." I didn't change anything other than my ram and I do not understand why its not working now.

suggestions please.
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  1. Quote:
    "Error: There is no ATI driver installed, or your ati driver is not working properly."

    This a well known problem with Catalyst 8.12 driver. Try installing the latest Catalyst version 9.1 driver, the issue was addressed with this latest release.
  2. Yeah, um unfortunately had 9.12 installed. I try to reinstall it and the installation could not be completed. My computer worked fine before the upgrade of ram, but as soon as I installed the new ram it (keeping in mind all I did was swap out two 1gb sticks for two 2gb sticks) the system refused to acknorewledge the Radeon installed. Further, the pci express slot in the device management (I'm runing XP SP3 pro) shows that there are two devices of the same name trying to use the same resources. I've tried uninstalling the one that is a duplicate but XP SP3 reinstalls them.

    I do not understand how this has happened. (Seperate question, why is it that SP3 doesn't recognise that I have 4gigs of ram installed, it only recognizes 3.23 gigs?)
  3. Best to remove the new RAM and install the original memory that worked properly and see if the other problems are still there. There is not 9.12 Catalyst driver, it is 8.12 you have installed. I'm sure that driver is creating the eror message, especially since you installed more system RAM. IT IS A KNOWN ISSUE WITH 8.12. Try installing the latest Catalyst 9.1 driver and the error message about no driver being installed will stop appearing.

    XP addresses the video card memory as part of system memory so XP will not address and show the 4 GB of system memory you have installed as system memory available. 3.23GB of the 4 GB installed sounds about right. You would need Vista 64 OS to have ALL the system memory addressed and used by the system ALL the time.
  4. I'm sorry but you're not helping. After speaking to both Microsoft and MSI it would seem that my bios is, for some reason relating to my RAM, not allocating enough resources to the PCI Express Root Bus Port 2581. Further it would seem that something that is using up this resource is called VGASave. Suggestions please.

    (Note for you Badge: XP will recognize a full four gigs of ram. If you go to run and run msinfo32 it will show a full 4 gigs. And currently, the latest driver for ATI Catalyst is 9.1.2 which is what I had installed already on the computer this issue is on.)
  5. Well, that's great, your are making progress. I built an Intel 915 a couple of times. Never had a single problem I can remember. I think I recently deleted the MB/chipset drivers I kept for ther kid I built it for. He never brought it back. GL.
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