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Looking for Information on a "Bonded Cable" Modem

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Last response: in Networking
April 8, 2009 8:53:20 PM

Hey guys,
I realize that this is probably out of the league of this site but i am up against a wall and can't find any information about Bonded Cable Modems. Here is what i want, I want to bond together two cable connections at the router to effectively get double the speed. My current speed is 16 down and 2 Up. I need 4mbs up so am trying find a hardware devise to bond cable connections together just like a T-1 gets bonded together.

I don't want a modem with 2 WAN's (or 2 IP's) because the need to be able to push out a single packet stream at 3mbs. So load balancing modem/router won't work in my case. It really needs to be a device to bond 2 cable connections into 1 IP. Maybe this isn't possible and maybe i don't even know what i am talking about but i am hoping that someone knows and can help.

Thanks in advance I really really appeciate your help.

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May 15, 2009 6:50:55 PM

Bonding into one IP would require special routing to be done on both ends of the cable modem connection. Even if you managed to get your end done correctly, the cable company would have to be willing to bond them on their end also. This is highly unlikely. Since what you are interested in is upload speed, simple load balancing the 2 cable modems on your end would not serve you either.

The only fantasy solution left would be to have a special router/server on your end that serves as a proxy server. This proxy would load balance the upload packets to a remote server where you have very low level access. (something like a Slice Host VM) Then you have a special daemon running there that stitches the packets back together and sends them out to their intended destination. I do not know of such a package, but with a reasonable budget a good Linux hacker could make this happen for you.
June 24, 2009 8:05:12 PM

It is coming and will be here sooner that people think. Just check out what Linksys/Cisco is up to.

300Mbps would likely be a lot less than 2xOC3 given that I already burst to 30Mbps on one channel today. My operator, Cox, informs me that they are looking to hit 50Mbps by the end of the year with no increase in price. As a business connection, you can't beat it. No one supplies ADSL2+ in my region, and one OC3 is a king's ransom for any business.

Just hang on, bonded is coming.
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June 30, 2009 9:20:16 PM

Just a hint. This may help you out.
check out they offer a new internet.
50 down with 5 up it runs about 90.00 a month and about 200.00 for intial setup and modem.
They are using a DOCSIS 3.0 modem witch bonds multiple cable connections into one connection only giving you 1 IP.

i am currently running this at my home and it is worth every cent i am paying for it.

Before i ran 2 cable modems into a server and bounded them on a software level in server 2008 and then out put to my home network it game me the same results as this but ran me 100.00 a month and wasnt as stable as the new cox internet is.

If you cant get cox in your area i would look into purchasing the modem on your own and then haveing your cable comapny feed you two lines it will give you the same results.

The modem is capable of up to 320 down and 150 up so the more you can feed it the more it will give you.

July 3, 2009 1:00:16 PM

Definitly, the problem with running your own Bonded solution is,
1. cannot support VPN, and SSL (due to Multiple IP's)
2. you never get your shared bandwidth use, I.e searches for first available line, so download of one file will only be as good as one adsl. same with upload,

you can utilize a transparent VPN router but need a ISP to supply you with static IP and serving to the ADSL lines.
here in SA the best solution is VOX Telecoms FISHBON.
I have a pure 20 MB connection over ADSL, its insane.

next option for higher upload speeds is to request SDSL, but this is really dependant on your Country setup.

Cheers Bud