I5/GPU WC help

I am somewhat new to WC. I have read a bit around and have an idea of how everything works.

My question is, is should I buy a kit or buy the parts seperately?

I am going to build an i5 with a XFX GS250XYDFC GeForce GTS 250 512MB and I would like to WC them both.

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  1. Please start with the Watercooled solved sticky at the top. Bookmark all of the links listed, start reading ALL of the guides at least once. In a week or so you'll have a good idea on what to do.

    You do know that proper watercooling for your proposed setup is going to be in the $400 range?

    Do NOT buy any of the Thermaltake, Koolance etc kits. They are junk and you will replace all of the parts as they begin to fail.

    This is a proper kit. It would be fine for JUST your CPU. You'd need a bigger rad and the GPU blocks if you wanted to cool the GPU too. Adding another MCR220 would be enough.

    You are kinda stuck on the GPU cooling. Don't know of any FC blocks for the 250. You need to look at the Swiftech MCW-60 for your GPU and some heatsinks for the individual ram and mosfets. It's commononly done. The MCW60 is a nice GPU chip only solution.

    CYA in a week or so.
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