DIMM1 Memory Slot Issue on Foxconn Blood Rage X58

I am having an issue with the DIMM1 slot on my Foxconn Blood Rage X58 Motherboard. I am using Windows Vista 64-Bit. When I use all 3 slots (3x2gb) the BIOS and Windows Task Manager only shows 4GB but when I use CPUID it shows that all 3 slots are filled. Also what is really odd is that Computer Details part of Windows shows that I have 6gb. At first I thought it was anomaly but when I tried to even manually set things to default (not auto) in BIOS my system would not POST. I went at tested each slot and noticed that NOT using DIMM1 allowed me to POST. If I had went dual channel including DIMM1 it would only show 2GB in BIOS. My question is to anyone who can help. Do you think the IMC on the i7 920 is hosed or is it the motherboard? I am just wondering because I want to RMA as a little as possible since the CPU and motherboard came from 2 seperate retailers.
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  1. Run memtest86+. Test each memory chip.
    You could have a bad memory chip or bad RAM slot.
  2. Ran memtest86+ and it didn't even see the first slot as if didn't exist (running default/normal/no oc settings). So is it the board or the CPU?
  3. Try a known working chip in the first slot alone.
    If it doesn't work, it is the motherboard.
  4. Doh! Then it's got to be the motherboard! I will most likely get a refund then since this damn things are hard to come by! Should've went with another brand because RMA'ing would've heck of lot easier if something were to happen! I was just hoping that it might've been a bad memory controller on the CPU but then if that were the case the system probably would've not ran.
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