Watercooling, please help choose parts.

Going for watercooling soon, Purchase date roughly 3-4 weeks from now. I've done some research, (cheers conundrum for your informative threads :) )

My budget is £150 and I plan on building my own loop, rather than buying a pre-build loop

The loop will be cooling a Ci7 920 D0 only.

Here are the list of parts that i have choosen based on price/performance.

Rad. Swiftech MCR320-QP-K Triple 120mm Radiator

Pump + Res. XSPC Dual 750 Bay Reservoir Pump Rev2 Multi Fascia

CPU Block. Watercool HeatKiller CPU LGA1366 Rev. 3.0 LC

Tubing. XSPC 1/2" ID - 3/4" OD White Hose

Coolant. Distilled Water ( can I just get any kind of Distilled water? ) + PT PHN Nuke Concentrated Biocide 10ml

Fans. 3 x Enermax Magma 120mm

Adapter for CPU Block. 2 x 45 degree rotary adaptor G1/4" Black nickel + 1/4" BSPP (G1/4") HiFlow 1/2" Barb

Hose Clips. 10-16mm Hoseclips Pack of 10

Now I'm confussed about the barbs and the tubing, If the barb OD is 1/2" do I need tubing that has an ID of 1/2" or larger then 1/2"??

If something is crap in my Future loop, please explain why and perhaps an affordable (within my budget) replacement.

Thanks for any advice or recommendations. :D
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  1. Looks good.

    Any distilled water or if your in the UK deionized is fine.

    Hose has an ID and an OD. Barbs are measured by the threads and the OD. 1/2" ID hose fits on a 1/2 OD barb. Standard threads are now G1/4 for 99.9% of everything, and everything you have on your list.

    Plasctic hose clips get brittle in time. As a first timer get screw clamps or also known as hoseclamps. I still use them and been at this for a few years.

    That pump is the res is neat but the pump is kinda weak. It has a low head pressure. You need a high head pressure to overcome restrictions.

    Flow rate info.


    We usually recommend the D5 or the DDC3.2 with an aftermarket top.
  2. The Clips im getting are metal, figured they would be less likely to break.

    I am in the UK so I just get some deionized water.

    About the Pump I was thinking of going with the Laing DDC 10w Pump
    - Aftermarket Top XSPC DDC Top With RESERVOIR
    - Barb Size for Selected Top 1/2"


    Would you say its worth the extra £15 to get that rather than the pump and res. I listed in my first post?

    Thanks for your link, unfortunately im too dense to understand all of it :)
  3. Thats almost the pump and restop I use. I use the 18 watt 3.2 pump. The old 10 watt isn't used much anymore, but it should suffice. One reason they made the 18 watt version is the old 10 watt had impeller issues. Can't remember what color impeller is the more modern one, so thats up to you. I'd just go with the DDC 3.2 aka the MCP 355.

    In a week or so you'll start to understand it. Give your self time. It's your stuff, your knowledge and effort to figure it out is up to you. You still need to learn about building and maintaining a loop.

    Took me 2 months before building a parts list, read four top forums every day every recent post about watercooling, and another month before I bought my parts. So it takes time. No rush, it's a hobby.
  4. Well I've got about a month before I have the money for it all. So hopefully thats enough time for me to learn about watercooling in general, building a loop, what i should be looking for when choosing the parts and also maintaining the loop once ive built it.

    If I don't think I know all that after a month then I'll just hold it off, until I do know all that I need too.

    Oh and thanks for answering my question about the barbs and tubing, It was doing my head in haha. :)
  5. lol conumdrums the best hes helped me out so much. im in the process of building a lopp for the first time to good luck on yours
  6. OMG? Please read the other forums a LOT, mainly OC Forums, and read a lot. Some good stickies there too. And the guides I linked you to.

    It's best to ask questions at a more informed forum. This place is kinda lacking in watercoolers. We have a few good ones, but OC Forums has 20-30+, and about 10 of them help on a regular basis. I'm Conumdrum there too.
  7. Cheers blaze15301

    Conumdrum chill man....I got loads of time to read forums. Thanks for your help, greatly appreciated.
  8. Why not go with pc ice or something like that for your coolant. If you spring a leak it won't short out anything verses water.. Pc ice is non conductive water is..
  9. christop said:
    Why not go with pc ice or something like that for your coolant. If you spring a leak it won't short out anything verses water.. Pc ice is non conductive water is..

    Please, let's not go there.
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