9600GSO low framerates on easy titles.

Just got my 9600GSO a few days ago, on Team Fortress 2 my framerate is nearly the same as my 2600XT, i'm even running at a low res 1024X768 and the FPS will go as low as 19 in areas with much activity. I hear TF2 is extremly CPU limited but I think my E2220 should be enough. However going into the offical TF2 forums I've found people with 3.4GHz quad cores and two 8800GTX in SLI getting similar FPS problems so TF2 does not bother me as much as this next issue:

I also downloaded the Halo (1) pc demo just to compare with the old 2600xt and to my surprise the game runs TERRIBLE. 16fps when looking at nearly nothing going on, and as high as 200fps. (likes staying in the 20s or lower)

Honestly my very old X1300 did far better than this. My first Nvidia card in a few years and i'm not too happy with it.

On the bright side it plays F.E.A.R. MUCH better than the 2600xt did (framerate nearly always above 40, highs in the 100's and average about 60)

PC specs-
E2220@stock 2.4GHz (cant overclock)
2GB ram
EVGA Geforce 9600GSO (768mb)
Thermaltake 500watt PSU.
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  1. Comon guys nobody has any advice?

    Could it be that TF2 is just broken and that Nvidias driver so longer cater to Halo 1 pc so well anymore?
  2. thats strange have you tried to reinstall drivers??
    fear seems to run fine weird.
  3. I uninstalled the drivers, ran driver cleaner and installed drivers again and it did nothing.

    TF2 has problems for loads of people on the steam forums so I don't care so much about that it's halo that really pisses me off.
  4. You may have to reformat
  5. I probably will, it's been about 2 months since last reformat but I wanted to do it anyway but have an odd feeling that it won't fix the problem.
  6. Sometimes using driver cleaner can bork your system. It takes some things out it shouldnt, and leaves some in it shouldnt either
  7. In the past i upgraded my videocard to get more framerates ,but found no difference in performance overall . so i found out that my problem was the cpu was bottlenecking the whole system ,so until i upgraded the cpu i would only get the better framerates . Maybe thats your problem too! it may be your cpu thats holding the new videocard back .It would be interesting to see what the 9600 gso can do with a 3.0 Gb cpu in your system! Just a thought!
  8. I just bought an evga 9600gso. I currently have a radeon hd 2400xt and i can't touch any settings or it laggs majorly. My cpu is an AMD 9600 Quad Core so when I get it I'll let you know how it does with Crysis. I also have NFS Carbon, Pro Street, Undercover and Front Lines: Fuel of War. I can only play default settings in all of these games but I can play them.. Be back in two weeks with an update as to how it turns out.
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