Blackscreen, rtwlan error before fatal crash

Hey everyone....

I was producing music on my desktop pc yesterday...
Then something happend...

I saw an error popping up really fast it said something about : rtwlan.exe -..... but it went really fast..
My computer instantly restarted, and from then it was over..

The bios screen loads... but instead of the windows loading screen there is just a black sound nothing... just a black screen.

My pc won't boot in safemode...

It loads the bios when i press the right 'F key' and it also loads the boot menu.

I tried booting the windows cd but it also just results into a black screen...

I am using windows xp x64 sp2.
saphire radeon HD4870 vid card
intel duo 3.2 ghz proccessor.

please don't blame me if i posted in the wrong section, i couldnt find something else... If i posted in the wrong section please tell me where i should post this..

I really hope someone can help me, my latest music aren't back-upped so that sucks!

Ty in advance guys!
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  1. Nobody can help me:(?
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