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hello again everyone. as i am sure most of you are aware im a noob at water cooling. and i need some more help. first i want thank conumdrum for telling me to get the swiftftech kit. i am just gonna get all swift tech part since there cheap but i need someone to tell me if there ok or not since i have nothing to compare it to.
here is the parts list

CPU COOLING : APOGEE™ XT Extreme Performance CPU water-block it is for a phenom 3 720

Radiator - MCR320 Quiet Power Series TRIPLE 120mm Heat Exchanger - Gloss Black

MCP655-B™ 12 Volts Industrial Pump without speed controller

MCRES-Micro Rev2 Hi-Flo Reservoir

im not sure on the tubing

im gonna get the distilled water + the phn nuke stuff like conumdrum recomended

if there is anythign you would like to add or i forgot please let me know thanks everyone. ive read the water cooling tut here and on the other linked sites.
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  1. Primochill LRT 1/2 ID 3/4 OD. Nice colors, stays clear, has UV ability and very flexible. The king of hose for now. Costs a bit more but good stuff.

    Hose clamps, metal screw types cheap at Home Depo. Replace the plastic barbs on the micro-res with metal ones. Bitspower or Danger Den Fatboys are the best, but the standard Swiftech metal ones are fine and a bit cheaper.

  2. thank you man your a life saver.
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