how to get ati tool to work/ need help

i have ati tool installed and when i click scan for artifacts it says "the video card selected is not being used by windows, go to display properties and enable the monitor output of the card" what the H3ll does that mean? how can i fix it? thanks for any help. its a GTX 260 Core 216 btw.
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  1. Don't know which version you are using, but the latest version is 0.27b4 (beta 4) which was last updated back in November 2007.

    Even this beta version did not support all the GeForce 8xxx series. Very possible this "latest version" will not work for the 9xxx and GTX 2xx series.

    Supposedly this latest version works for some ATI RV6xx GPU (the Radeon 3xxx series), but I believe I've read the HD 3870 is not supported. Forget about the 4xxx series.

    My advise is don't even bother with ATI Tools since it is out of date.
  2. ok thanks dude
  3. Bro, check out the beta of ati tray tools. Works much better. Ati tool stinks. You can also try riva tuner. Good luck
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