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I recently shipped this computer off to Dell for some repairs. The main issue I had was that the CPU was at 100% at all times, even when the computer was idle. They gave me new RAM modules and a new hard drive to no effect. I shipped it off to them and they repaired it by resetting the BIOS and doing something with the CPU, they never said what exactly they did.

My new issue is this: ever since I got the computer back my graphics performance has been significantly diminished. Prior to sending the computer off to Dell, the windows experience index had the "graphics" rating as 3.8 and the "gaming graphics" rating as 3.6. The computer could run games just fine. I looked at the Windows Experience Index earlier today and it said that I needed to reset the score because "new hardware had been added." After it ran, my "graphics" rating is 2.0 and my "gaming graphics" is 3.0. I do not have any games or anything on this computer yet, as I just got it back from Dell with a reformatted hard drive, but the computer seriously struggles running 3-D screen savers (choppy framerate, extremely slow animation, etc.). I just updated the ATI driver which did nothing.

Is this something I should call Dell about? I would like to get games on this computer and now I do not think I can run them anymore. What could have possibly caused this issue? Is there anything I can do myself to fix this?


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  1. Is there a chance you have different hardware? Are you sure you've still got an X1400? I know that at one point Dell also offered an X1300 that had less onboard memory and a slower clock. That is a pretty substantial drop in numbers... and the fact that you've already upgraded your drivers tells me you've got the basics covered.

    My understanding about those Vista numbers is that as faster hardware comes out, Microsoft will simply open up higher numbers... so at some point we'll all be shooting for a 7 or an 8... but at no point should a 3.8 go down to a 2.0.
  2. Although an X1400 has onboard memory, it's not a lot and that particular GPU will share onboard RAM to supplement its slim amount of RAM. Is there a chance that the RAM sharing has been turned off?
  3. Yes, I just checked again, it is still an X1400. I understand that the Index is simply a way of measuring the power of a computer and its various components, but there is a true difference in the performance of the graphics card as compared to how it performed several weeks ago before I sent it in for repairs. Apart from updating the graphics card driver, is there anything I can do to get this back to normal?

    Also, telling me to call Dell about this is a valid option, I feel that it may be the only solution... :pfff:
  4. how do I check to see if RAM sharing is turned off?
  5. Somewhere under the ATI Catalyst console I was able to read the accessible amount of video memory and it was a pretty high number (I had a 2 GB laptop at the time) I'm wanting to say perhaps 256 MB of actual RAM was set aside for video usage.

    I'm pretty sure this is an option you enable in the BIOS... for me it was enabled by default.
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