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hi guys so i finally got a job and i want to upgrade my pc finally to play crysis and all the new games that have all the eye candy out. i still want to use my case, hard drive, and power supply so those should cut down the cost. these are the parts i want to buy. let me know if they are ok are not. its an asus m3A79-T deluxe for my motherboard amd 9950 BE for cpu ati hd4870 1gb version for gpu and 4gb of ocz hpc ddr1066 for the ram. any input would be great...thanks guys.
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  1. They're great choices. What's the psu? Are you gonna crossfire?
  2. its an antec neo power 550w and no crossfire i dont need to spend more money on a 10% gain
  3. You're good to go.
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