Large difference in Core Temp?

Well I just got myself an E7300 and a crap ECS motherboard yesterday at fry's with an Antec 300 for about 140$ total (Sweet Deal). So I downloaded SpeedFan to check the temp and the temps are out of range...

Still using stock Intel heat sink with fan

Core #0: 39C
Core #1: 32C

And ambient temperature is 14.4C (It's freaking freezing in my house)

Me looking at this sounds like I reseated the HS/F wrong :fou:

So any other Ideas or thoughts on this?

Update: Core Temp shows the following temps

Core #0: 34C
Core #1: 27C
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  1. is this idling, or under a mild load? generally, stock fans are not that good, providing just enough heat dissapation to be useful. check to make sure it's seated correctly; make sure you didn't put on too much thermal grease. Buy an aftermarket fan- a good one is usually made of copper and costs between $20 and $50. I have an Ultra Copper X-Wind ($35), with a Core 2 Quad Q9550; it idles around 23C and peaks around 28C- at least that's what my Case's temperature monitor tells me. if you need a recommendation for a good but loud fan, you can't go wrong with an Ultra X-Wind.

    if you still have this problem afterwards, contact Intel Support. you may need to RMA your CPU, as it could very well be damaged.
  2. The stock fan is pretty good if you don't overclock. I wouldn't worry about it unless temps significantly exceed 60°C at full load.
  3. Forgot to mention this is under Idle

    Update: This is under Prime95 15 Minutes Load

    Core #0: 56C

    Core #1: 48C

    Is 8C difference big?

    Ambient is: 21C

    I even reseated the HS/F...

    Confused and seeking answers

    If it persist I might RMA the processor and get myself this:
  4. The idle core temps on my E8400 are 40°C (my room is at 23°C even though it's -13°C outside) and 58-60°C at full load. Since Tj. max. for that CPU is 105°C, I'm not worried at all. What are the core temps on your E7300 at full load?
  5. Look at the above post man, but my Q6600 build idle temps are 35C for the first core the 37C.

    Just worried about the 8C Difference.
  6. Its normal for 2cores to be hotter than the other 2 on a quad
  7. lockdownx1x, the hottest core is 44°C below Tj. max. You might get another CPU that will have a lower difference between core temps, but have both running at higher temps under load. I wouldn't bother with it. Under load, my E8400 has core #0 at 57°C and core #1 at 60°C (45°C below Tj. max. of 105°C) and my Q6600 has it's hottest core at 60°C (40°C below Tj. max. of 100°C). My CPUs are well below Tj. max. and they rarely see 100% utilization, unless I run a benchmark.
  8. Honestly I know its normal for dual and quads for there temperature to be different for some reason i don't know of yet but, 8C at load and 10C in idle sounds very strange to me.

    Pic is at Idle
  9. If it really bothers you, then RMA the CPU. No matter what HSF you install, there will always be a significant difference between both cores. You just happened to have a CPU that has a core that runs cooler than they normally do. Hopefully the replacement CPU will have 2 cores that run closer to the hottest core on that one.
  10. Might be your CPU cooler is not making a good connection with the CPU. I had a big Zalman Heatsink on a Quad which had a core difference of 3-4 degrees. Turned out that the weight of the heatsink and they way the bracket held it on to the board caused the top of the CPU not to have good contact despite it being tightly secured. I would suggest removing the Heatsink and checking the thermal paste to ensure there has been good contact before sending the CPU back.
  11. RavenLunatic, lockdownx1x doesn't have a core that runs too hot, he has one that runs cooler than usual with the stock HSF. Very few Core 2 CPUs will run as cool as that core (at least none of mine do and I own several Core 2).
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