Are these the right fans for a watercooling setup?

This is my case:

It takes 11 fans. I will also be using a h50 cooler for now since the dark knight was too tall.

I will eventually be watercooling the setup with thermochill 120.3 radiators(3), two loops, two pumps, etc.

I want to go with blue led fans, and these were recommended on silent pc review:

Unfortunately, newegg only has 5 stock, so I will need to by elsewhere at a slightly higher price.

Because I will have so many fans, I was hoping for something quiet, My concern is if these will push enough air for the rads. 13 fans(11 for case, 2 for h50) will run almost $200, so I want to be sure these are the correct ones to get.

Any input?
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  1. Man you ask this here and you ask at OC Forums? Where do you think you'll get a better answer..........................
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