Pc Dont power up ...after installing powersupply.

my pc has been working fine till i installed new power supply..i left it after hibernating pc after a cracker noise i rush to pc i feel brning rubber smell in there..smelled power supply it was there...so bought new enarmax powersupply installed it and press front power button and nothing no beep, no cpu fan movement ...no light any where..did my motherboard also fried..?
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  1. Your title and explanations are a bit confusing. Did your PC work before installing a new PSU which failed and then you replaced it with another new Enermax PSU?
  2. yes it was working was in hibernate ..alll of a sudden one noise happened...and then i feel smell of rubber burming...right way i tried to turn on pc ..nothing so i thought smell comming from powersupply this must be fried thats why pc doesnot power up...so changed but still no sucess...
  3. Was the old one an Enermax? It looks like the PSU fried the motherboard, but did you remove all components from the motherboard to see if it powers up? In other words, keep only the CPU and memory and power up.
  4. no that was an old cheap power supply..i tried without any io devices only have vedio card ram and cpu on motherboard, still no action ...if the powersupply has casue to fried motherboard will my cpu ok and how about hdd...?
  5. Also remove the video card.

    Unfortunately, using cheap PSUs leads to that type of catastrophic failure. The CPU should be OK and it's relatively easy to test the hard disk in another system, but it will probably be fine.
  6. so my option are buy a new motherboard and put it in ..right..Do u know any place where i can buy used or new 939 motherboard...i am canada...thx for your all help..
  7. You could find a used one on eBay, Kijiji.ca or a local newsgroup (depending on where you are). If you can afford it, upgrade to a newer platform.
  8. i think mine cpu HDD also fired...i have another pc with amd 3800+ with amd board,i put hard drive in 2nd pc from fried motherboard pc..its sata hard drive ..and pc wont boot at all with this HARD drive as soon as i disconnect this sata hd its boot again as normal...think Hd aslo fried...2nd thing i pull that cpu from fried motherboard and insatalled in 2nd pc.which is working with another amd processor 3800+...as soon as put this cpu3800+ dual core, pc booted no beep.but cpu fan is running no display comes on scree. this mean cpu has fired too
  9. I've never seen a PSU do that much damage, unless it was struck by lightning. If that wasn't the case, then it looks like you had a really cheap PSU.
  10. why my another pc doing strange ..when i plugged my sata hd to 2 nd working pc it wont boot at all..as soon as i unplugg sata hard drive pc booted normal..this another pc has 4 sata hdd port on the board..
  11. I don't really understand what you mean. Is the hard disk from the failed system SATA or PATA?
  12. its from the failed sytem and it is sata hdd 250 gb
  13. So you determined that it's defective. Other than the case, anything else that hasn't fried?
  14. i was thinking i can transfer data from failer pc hard drive to another working pc..but pc wont boot if i connect this sata hd which is belong to failour pc
  15. The controller on the hard disk needs to be replaced, but I wouldn't bother unless the data on it really is important.

    You'll probably never buy another cheap PSU again. In the end it's costing you a lot more.
  16. how to replaced controller on the hard drive..
  17. If you ask that question, then you probably should send the drive to a data recovery service, but it will be expensive. To replace the controller yourself, you'll have to find another identical drive with the exact same controller. It might work once the controller has been replaced, but you could also end up having to use professional services to recover your data. Performing regular backups always is less expensive than having to use data recovery services.
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