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Hope everyone’s rosy, was wondering if I could pick your brains about something.

I’m in the process of upgrading a PC to get it close to (or better than) and XBOX 360, as I’ve found upgrading to be cheaper. I’ve already upgraded the CPU to a 5600+ & I’m looking at getting a new graphics card.

I currently have a 7900gt (that seems to artefact badly when getting too hot).

I was planning on getting either a 8800GT or 9600GT, or even a 7900 gtx (do they still hold up) these all seem available from eBay around the £50-£80 price mark ($110-160), just within my limits.

I was wondering if my PSU was enough it’s an FSP ATX 450 PNF with 12v1 =18a 12v=18a

I’ve looked around a lot, can’t seem to get a clear idea, I know I probably should upgrade it, but moneys tight so would rather not if possible, any ideas?

Any info would be hugely appreciated

SPECS (all upgraded from a cheep shop brought Compaq Pressio 5019UK)

Motherbored =ASUS M2N68-LA
Amd 5600+ @89w
Graphics card 7900GT
One Sata drive one IDE

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  1. Well outperforming xbox 360 graphics shouldn't be too hard:). I'd grab the 8800 GT, since its the avg mainstream card, and it still holds its own against current gen games:)
  2. Power consumption:

    9600 GT = 60w
    8800 GT 512MB = 79w
    7900 GTX = 85w

    Performance (lowest to highest)

    9600 GT
    7900 GTX *
    8800 GT 512MB

    * This is a DX9 card, not DX10. I am guessing it is slower than the 8800 GT 512MB card.

    I have the Radeon X1900XT 512MB in my gaming PC and a passively cooled 9600 GT in my HTPC. Based on some benchmark comparisions, the 9600 GT seems to be round 5% - 10% faster than my old X1900XT. I have not personally benchmarked the two card because:

    1. Different PC setup; C2D E6600 and Q9450.
    2. Different monitors; 26" and 19"
    3. Very reluctant to move my expensive 26" NEC monitor unless I have to.

    Based on older benchmarks my X1900XT is about 25% - 35% faster than your 7900GT on average depending on the game. I remember a handful of games where the performance difference was only about 10%.

    My recommendation is the 8800 GT 512MB, unless you are easily annoyed by fan noise. If so, then a passively cooled 9600 GT is up your alley, but you will probably take about 20% performance hit between the two (just a guess).
  3. the 7900 GTX comes no where near the even 9600 GT. I remember this because it was put head to head against the 8800 GTS 320, and lost. The 9600 GT is faster than the 8800 GTS 320.

    it goes

    8800 GT > 9600 GT > 8800 GTS 320 > 7900 GTX > 7800 GTX > 7900 GT
  4. fantastic, thanks for your help. wow i didn't relsie the 7900gtx consuemd more power then the others, my main reason for getting it was if my PSU couldn't handle the others.

    So my fsp 450w PSU should be fine then?

    thanks again
  5. I've got a 400 wat running my dad's computer with a 9600 GT OC:)
  6. FSP is a good budget PSU brand. If it has a 6 pin PCIE connector, it should adequately power any VGA card that needs only one connector. The 8800GTS-512 would be a very competent card. For what it is worth, I do not find the fan noise to be a problem. It spins up for a moment at boot time, but is otherwise ok.
  7. thanks again, quite a relife. In all honesty i don't mind a loud fan if it's going to keep the card cool (as long as it only gose nuts when gaming). My PC case is very small, and got a feeling my current 7900GT gets too hot (but as it was brought secound hand, might jsut be dying). Curently got the side off to help keep the air flowing ;)
  8. For your system you need 19-21 amps on the 12v rails.
    You are fine.
  9. Some time ago, I had a 7800GT which was very hot. I solved the problem with an arctic cooling vga cooler. It is a two slot cooler which sends the heated vga air directly out the back of the case instead of letting it recirculate. Not only did my vga card runcooler, but the CPU also ran cooler. If cooling is an issue, look for a card with a stock two slot cooler like the 8800GTS. Today, I won't buy any other kind.
  10. I have an 8800gt in my current pc and it idles at 52C under riva tuner at 60% fan speed, no louder than the other fans in my case. (Antec 900, 3 120mm fans on low, 200mm on low. Thermalright ultra 120 with two 120mm fans)

    It spins up to 80% fan speed under gaming, but it still is not obnoxious just slightly noticable. At 100% fan speed (which it never spins up to) it is definately noticable.

    I have the standard Evga 8800gt 512MB with single slot cooling. Under gaming it stays around 60C. A dual slot cooler would be even better, and may be advisable if overclocking.
    I get almost 13000 in 3d mark06
  11. Consider the HD 4830 as well. It retails ~$130 in the US, if you can get it around the same price where you are, that's probably your best bet. It occationally outperforms the 9800GTX+, and handles the 9800GT (aka 8800GT) in all but a few titles. It uses less power than the 9800GT, so your PSU should be able to handle its load.
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