AMD BE 45w series vs. 65w XX00+ series

I keep seeing on New Egg these low wattage AMD processors-

I noticed the L1 and L2 are the same as the "normal" processors and the clock (MHZ) speeds are close also.

I compared the 5050e to the 5200+ and they have nearly identical specs and are the same price.

Is there any advantage to these processors beyond they run cooler? Do they have more overhead? Are they "crippled" like the old Celerons? Do they have a slower memory clock?

I can't seem to find any information about them from AMD or around the web.


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  1. They are just a newer revision of the processor that consumes less energy. Same performance at the same clocks.
  2. Would be best to buy the 45w versions. They are cooler and pre-undervolted versions of the normal die. The 45w versions are just cherry picked, that's all.

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