New case = computer crashing?

I just got a new case for my existing home built computer. I installed everything and got it running. Unfortunately I my computer crashes randomly now. A complete computer freeze that requires a manual reboot. I've never had this problem before until now.

My new case is an Antec Nine Hundred.

What could be causing this?
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  1. That sounds like a grounding and/or static issue, or possibly something is loose. What is your PSU brand and model? What are your temps?
  2. maybe power supply decided to start dieing. cpu overheating (if you removed the HS and put it back on wrong) corupt system files. who knows. i 102% doubt its the case, but if you want to make sure, just get the old case again.
  3. You guys know a good temperature monitoring program?

    Found one that came with my mobo. Cpu is at 33C. MB is at 33C. My +12.0 is at 12.22V is that OK?
  4. My PSU is a VX450 Corsair.
  5. Take everything out of the case, and see if things run ok then.

    I suspect some grouding issue.
    1) I hope you used the brass standoffs. Some people have tried to bolt the mobo directly to the case which is wrong.
    2) Look at the screws you used to secure the mobo to the standoffs. If you used the wrong ones with the extra large heads, that can cause a short.
    More Information:

    My old case had 0 extra fans. This Antec 900 has 4 fans different sizes.

    Observation: My computer in my new case generally crashes during a high resource load. Such as playing World of Warcraft (Resource hog computer game). Although I have seen it crash once not during World of Warcraft.

    I am monitoring my temperatures on my computer now I found some interesting things. (I haven't monitored temperatures on old case).

    Situation 1: Disabled all fans on my computer in my new case and started it up and noted the temperatures.
    CPU: 33C
    MB: 33C

    I then started to play World of Warcraft. The temperatures began to climb very high.
    CPU got up to 53C
    MB got up to 52C

    I didn't even wait for something to crash. I felt the temperatures were too high and decided to move on to situation 2.

    Situation 2: I enabled 2 of the four fans in my new case
    So far so good. I guess. It's been running without a crash for nearly a half hour.

    CPU us at 45C
    MB is at 35C
  7. Your temperatures are nominal, not a problem. If the cpu gets too hot(75c?) it will shut down to protect itself.
    Do check that the cooler is on securely. After powering down the PC can you wiggle it at all? If the push pins are not all 4 solidly through the mobo, you can get such problems.

    What are the vga card temps?
    When under load in a 3d game, the vga card can draw a lot of extra power. Your PSU is a good one, but might have a problem with a top end vga card. What is the vga card?
    Check out the possibility tha a psu plug is not solidly connected to the vga card or the mobo. Does the mobo(which one is it?) have a place for a molex plug? That is sometimes done to give the pci-e slot sufficient power.
  8. 8800 GTS 512 card.
    P5N-SLI Mobo.

    I don't know the card's temperature. Have a program that can tell me?

    Don't know what a molex plug is.

    All PSU connections are solidly connected.
  9. I've replaced my PSU with a new 500W from a 450W.
    I replaced my GPU with a brand new 9800 GTX.

    I still got random computer freezes. I don't understand why. I don't know how to diagnose this problem. My last resort is to go back to my old case with all the old parts and see what happens (Unfortunately with that setup I was having freezing issues too, but they'd ONLY happen immediately after the computer finished booting up).
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