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Hey everybody, I am new around here, but have been using the site for most of my computer questions.

I have an XFX GeForce GTS 250 1GB video Card. I was wondering what the potential overclocking ability of this card would be on air cooling. will be getting a GPU cooler soon enough. using Antec 900 case as stock cooling for now though. runs at 38 degrees idle at the moment.

Thank you :)
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    That card runs cool regardless, the only issues is that it is loud at 80-100% fan speed. The stock cooler is fine, no need for aftermarket even if you OC.

    The GTS 250 1Gb is not a major overclocker so make sure you monitor temps once you decide to bump up the clocks...

    What software are you using for the overclock? I have a 250 @ 803/1204/1878 ... hope this helps.....
  2. I thought this card would be a great overclocker, it is, but i suppose not as good as i had thought, thank you for your help. thats exactly what i was looking for. :)
  3. im using EVGA precision btw
    sorry for double post. i dont know how to edit my last
  4. Well it is a beefed up 9800GT/GTX, and it is 1GB for that extra bit of power needed at higher resolutions. The GTS 250 is a superb GPU for the price, if you want more GPU power get yourself a board that can do SLI and buy a second 250. In a few months current Nvidia cards will come down in price once the 300 series launches.
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  6. I have a GTS 250 (1Gb) in a pre-built DELL XPS 400 (horrible airflow) and it still manages to keep cool, of course in the summer I will be upgrading the stock case just to make sure the card gets plenty of airflow.
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