8800gt sli low 3dmark score

Hey guys, I just added a second 8800gt to bolster my rig for a while, but my 3dmark scores seem kind of low compared to the ones i've been finding online.
I'm getting 11.5k or so.
Is this normal?
gpuz shows both cards and sli is enabled. I've checked both cards alone and they work fine, so yeah any advice would be helpful
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  1. 11.5 does seem low. Two things that come to mind are:
    1) Do you have updated drivers?
    2) Your cpu 'might' be holding you back (I'm not sure on that).
  2. i have the latest drivers,
    and my cpu is an amd athlon 64x2 5000 BE at 3.0gHz, all the benchmarks i saw were with core2 quads, but it shoudln't be that massive of a difference right?
  3. I don't have an answer for you, but I can assure you cpu plays a HUGE roll in that score.....i have a q6700 intel, and a minor overclock of like .339mhz bumped my score significantly.
  4. It's your cpu.

    3Dmark06 just loves quad cores, and the 64x2 5000 isn't exactly blazing fast. It's fast enough for just about any current game, but 3Dmark isn't impressed easily. However, just because your cpu isn't very fast by 3Dmark's standards, doesn't mean your system is faulty.

    For more accuracy, try doing a detailed comparison to some scores and just look at the graphics tests, HDR tests, and the SM 2.0/3.0 scores. Your CPU tests are likely to be very lacking in comparison, but most games don't tax your CPU that hard and thus that score isn't as important.

    Here's my compare link http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=7982046
    Even though they're overclocked in this test, I have dual 8800 GTs as well, so you can see how much of a difference your CPU makes in the tests. If your non-cpu scores are relatively close to mine, then you probably don't have any problem at all.
  5. Hmm. Whats your score when you're using only one of the video cards?
  6. my sm2.0/3.0 scores at 4.7k and 6.3k respectively, which is a lot lower than yours, under details in 3dmarks it says linked display adapters: false, does that mean it's not using sli when i run 3dmarks? i seem to be noticing an effect in games but i can't tell if its placebo or not
  7. i think last time i tested with one card i got around mid 10k or so
  8. what about your power supply ? sli setup is so power hungry, if if does not have enough juice it wont work as it should be.
  9. i switched to a 730W before i upgraded with i think it was 48 or 52 amps on the 12V rails, when i turn the sli indicator thing on in the control panel the bar displays correctly when i'm running 3dmarks, so i guess it's working? still odd though
  10. So it only gets about 500 less points when you disable sli and your SM scores are that low? That *is* strange then...

    I still might have a fix for you, because I had a similar thing happen with Crysis before. Everything said sli was enabled, I saw the sli load graph in-game, but the performance clearly indicated that it wasn't working. It turns out the problem was an error with the driver profiles and it wouldn't use sli even though it claimed it was. Try clearing or resetting all of your driver profiles and then re applying any changes you want. I used nHancer for that, but I think you can do it with just the default control panel.

    Edit: It says false under my linked display adapters as well so I wouldn't worry about it. I only get about 11.5K- 12K with a single card so I know sli had to have been working for my test.
  11. problem. when i try to load up nhancer, this error pops up

    a valid license cannot be granted for the component BlackBytes.Registry, Version = 2.1.2349.25752, and then some other non-sense. i also tried to disable sli and try to run 3dmarks but it crashes before it completes now.
  12. ok my 3dmark problem was another program interfering with ti somehow so that worked fine.
    When I use one card I get

    4.7k for sm2
    and 4.7k for sm3

    when I use two cards in sli, I get

    4.7k for sm2
    and 6.3k for sm3

    so it does improve, but that seems like barely anything, is it because i'm doing this at 1280x1024? regardless though it dips to like 30 fps at some points, which i feel like it shouldn't do at 1280x1024 when running in sli, im kind of lost

    nhancer won't work for me
  13. Try uninstalling the drivers and then reinstalling them to clear any problems your current driver setup might be causing. Another thing you could try is forcing progressively higher levels of AF/AA in the drivers and seeing how that affects your scores. If your scores stay relatively stable even with the increasing load of AA and AF, then you just simply have a big CPU bottleneck. You'll still be able to run games fine though, as 3Dmark wants more CPU power than the vast majority of games out there require =)

    If all else fails you, then hopefully someone else can pick up because I'm out of ideas. Good luck!
  14. Yeah, your cpu's holding you back. You could try overclocking if you have a good cooler.
  15. i've already overclocked it, oh well... i guess the next thing i need to save for is a core 2 quad, lol, how do the phenoms hold up now? core 2 quad is probably still the best choice performance/price right?
  16. You could hold out for the i7 and get that, or simply see if it drives the core 2 prices down. Your CPU should still be adequate until then, but if you wanted something now, then a core 2 duo/quad would still be a solid purchase.
  17. Alrighty, I think I'll wait to get a core 2 quad when i7 comes out. Thanks for the help everyone.
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