Overly High Mobo Temps?

guys i have an asus p5ql pro and speedfan is reporting my system temperature (which judging from everything else is my motherboard) at between 45 and 50 deg constantly. this seems fairly high. im not sure if my 4870 is exhausting near the heat sensor or whatever it is or sumthing like that but shuld i be worried? when i open the case it does NOT seem to be 50 degs more like 30 tops so do you think i should be worried at all? Edit - the only thing that is that high in the case is the graphics card. cpu idles aboout 40
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  1. those temps don't seem very high. Is your system stable? If it is then you don't really have anything to worry about.
  2. yea it runs fine was just kinda worried. mobo is like the 1 thing i dont no 2 much about =P
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