Want to upgrade my processor in my dell XPS 410

I have a dell XPS 410 desktop with an Intel E6300 1.86 GHZ core 2 duo, and I want to upgrade to a fast CPU. I talked to dell on the phone and the told me I could go up to a Q6600 or E6700. Not sure if that true or not. Maybe that is just want they recommend. I was looking at buy an E7300 but they didnt say that was one of the compatable processors. Let me know if anyone has some input on this. Thanks
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  1. It's true.
    By the way I own 3 of them.
  2. as already stated, it is true

    although i dont think the wolfdales\e7300 is compatible.

    prob best to go with the Q6600 as this is a great CPU, and even better when overclocked,

    check there price offer for the upgrade, but if u can get it cheaper, then get it
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