What are the chances?

Provided i was using the bios overclock software provided by asrock i did 3.6 on my i7 core now apperently it all shutdown so now i am just wondering what are the chances of my whole system to be burned out ? PSU VIdeo ram CPu and MB and what would be more likely MB + CPU or CPU or MB alone ?
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  1. What does "it all shutdown" mean? BSOD? Smoke? Burned electronic odor? Sparks?

    If none of the above, then maybe the CPU hit its shutdown temp (set in the BIOS), and the BIOS powered-off the system (as it supposed to do). Could be your H50 isn't firmly set on the CPU with a thin layer of thermal grease.

    You could try resetting the BIOS to its default using the CLR_CMOS jumper, and starting again. If you are serious about OCing, try to learn how using the BIOS settings - OCing software can be buggy.
  2. What ^ said. :D

    Probably just need to clear CMOS and try again.
  3. Reset the BIOS and try again.
  4. Ok look First there is no BSOD NO smoke nothing i mean it's just like you've shut down the computer using the windows shutdown it just shuted down.After that i did a CMOS reset using the jumpers than i removed the battery for like a minute about 3 times in a row than shorted the jumpers another 15 times after that i fell a sleep because it's not coming back to life even if i stood there all night when i woke up i tried to start it yet again figured well a whole night passed away there might be a change surprisingly there wasn't still nothing happend .So finally i had enough took out the motherboard and the rest of the components out took the whole thing apart what i discovered was the following:

    CPU:No burn marks no broken pins nothing black or burned on it and it doesn't smell
    RAM:Same as CPU
    GPU:Same as CPU
    In fact everything looked intact almost as if it would work.......
    But however motherboard still gets no power even after i took everything out except it and the cpu i guess so i figured my PSU was dead so i stole a PSU tester from work used that and what do you know? IT worked not only worked but it worked more than good it had 3.3/12/5.5 volt exactly the same numbers no other PSU i have tested had the exact numbers so i figured so far since my PSU didn't die the rest of the components should be OK i just think the Motherboard's chipset had enough and overheated far before the CPU ever did and it fried the board's chip which does nothing except kill the board and because i did not find anything wrong on the CPU i think it's ok as well but i will be having it RMAed any way.This is the follow up untill now if you have other suggestions please feel free to state them any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Good diagnosis, let us know what happens with the replacement. You did the PSU tester back to work, didn't you? Well, then, you just borrowed it.
  6. OK the following happend the following day:
    I went back to work with both my CPU and MOBO talked to everyone there after they were finished laughting at me we decided to send the RMA.Than my boss walks in and he says why are you sending the CPU it does not look broken and i am i am working with PC's for 20 years and i have never seen a CPU burn out first without an extreme overclock.So we are not sending the CPU but however we did call the shop i bought the mobo from and made a deal to return the old board with all the thins in it as RMA than add another 70 euro and take an Asus Rampage Extreme 2 for 299 which would end all my trobles but so far nobody i've talked to thinks my CPU is damaged and everybody;s going for the MOBO just ilke i am.So i will let you know what happens when i take my new board peace and good luck.
  7. I hope everything works out well for you.
  8. Since everything looks okay for your equipment, don't be offended when I ask you this, but my computer has a 2nd power switch on the powersupply in the back of the computer. You sure you didn't accidentally flip it to off? I once thought I'd killed my machine and that was the problem.
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