False specs for PHENOM-2 mobos - 1066 ram unsupported ?


Been following PHENOM-2/mobo discussions on several n.g. Am I correct in concluding no-current-mobos fully support 1066 RAM under the PHENOM-2 CPU ? Plug-N-play that is for the casual kit-builder.

Given the OCing ability of PHENOM-2 I'd call FULL SUPPORT the ability of a mobo to run 8-Gig of 1066-RAM at a CPU-OC of 3.5-Ghz. Rock solid all night on "quality" air.

Have I got-the-drift right, or have I missed some crucial point ?
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  1. 1066Mhz RAM can't be plug-n-play since that isn't a JEDEC standard. It just means that the modules are guaranteed to run at that speed and voltage. You have to set the timings and voltage manually.
  2. gg:

    Sounds like an EXCUSE. JEDEC stds are not MY problem ... if a manufacture claims-a-speed, then that manufacture needs to provide that speed. Transparently. I don't want to hear that Black-Forest dwarves can do something under a liq-nitrogen fountain. It's plain false advertising. Period.
  3. They advertise that it can be overclocked up to that speed, not that it's a JEDEC standard. If your motherboard supports EPP memory profiles, then it almost works as advertised. All you have to do is select the EPP profile that you want to use in the BIOS and everything else is taken care of for you.
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