Win7 won't read partition

I want to call myself an idiot because I was told to back up my data before partitioning...

I now have three partitions of my hdd.
C - windows
F - empty
G - music/videos/pictures

Now, when I look at my computer, the disk for G only says "Local Disk (G:) NTFS", while the other two have the blue bar to show how much of the disk is used and the numbers as well. If I double click my G drive, the error message I get is "G:\ is not accessible. Access is denied." However, when I open itunes, it will play the music that is on G, while my ps3 won't read any of the media on G. I'd like to know if there's a way to regain access to G.
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  1. try with livexp that comes with hirens boot cd, it may show up the drive or you can simply hook it the some other pc....
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