$50 Cash Reward- I want two mice pointer to run a single program

Hey Guys. I am simply looking for a way to get two mouse pointers on the same desktop. When this question is asked, its usually in the context of having multiple desktops running off of one CPU so that they can run two different programs. That is not what I want.

I will be using both mouses in the same program.

Having "focus" stolen is not an issue. Each time one of the mice click, the focus will go to that mouse's action, and then when the other clicks, it will go to that mouse's action.

I would also like atleast one of the mice to maintain their specially assigned buttons... (I have a sidewinder and I can do stuff like open programs with my middle click, etc)... The 2nd mouse can simply be a right-left click mouse.

I found this on another board, written in 2007, perhaps it will help:

"I investigated this about 6 years ago and managed to find a pci card which allows you to plug in aditional ps2 mouse and keyboard allowing you to have 2 cursor's" but I don't see anything like that around now.

I can send the money via paypal or check if someone can help me with this. Thanks.
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  1. i might have found it myself - going to test it out
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