I7 920 Asrock X58 Supercomputer overclock fail RESAULT

Well after i overclocked my Asrock X58 Supercomputer with the i7 920 on Corsair h50 Hydro cooler i did a 3.6 Motherboard overclock with the utillity they provide so any way after start did a 3D mark vantage durning the test it just woooohooo died ;p.

So today i took everything apart

No burn marks on the RAM
No burn marks on the motherboard what so ever
No burn marks on the CPU's back side
No burn marks on the GPU
PSU i tested with a PSU tester it works fine better than fine

I suspect that either the CPU or the Motherboard took the hit and nothing else got harmed at least it doesn't look like it from what i am seeing i am going to RMA the motherboard in hopes of receiving a new one hopefully they will not void my warranty since nothing on the board it self looks damage and asus don't joke around.Now people let this be a lesion to you and NEVER EVER EVER in your life use the motherboard overclock utillity it f... up my whole new system also if you have your own version of what's broken and what;'s not please don't hesitate to share it
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  1. When you say your machine "died", what exactly do you mean? What happened when you tried to restart the computer after it "died"? Did you reset the BIOS to defaults and try to restart the computer? List your full specs and offer a more detailed description of events.

    I doubt very much that the manufacturer supplied overclocking utility caused the death of your computer. But then again, I always overclock by adjusting the BIOS settings.
  2. i also have a Asrock x58 i7 920 system. My system appeared to be 'dead' twice but i reset the cmos when it happens and it boots back up. I think the asrock x58 isnt a good motherboard because this never happened to the system i had before this- now that i spend all this money on a top of the line system i have instability problems. I hope this helps (resetting the cmos jumper on the motherboard) and i for one will no longer invest any of my money into Asrock products.
  3. What i meant by died was.That it wouldn't boot fans would start for a split second and than it would shut down immediatly.So due to testing i found out it was the motherboard and i would be ordering a gygabite replacement.
  4. did you reset the cmos? if it's just over aggressive settings it could be remedied by a simple reset...

    usually OCing don't kill things nowadays with most things having built in protection (save the stupid IGP they are adding on to the i5 and i3s rofl)
  5. i have a similar set up with the 930 i used the oc utility and mine works fine~ from 4.0 doesnt boot, 3.9- down to 3.6 works fine, 3.6 i like just due to the temp 50s-60s others are 3.7 mid 60s and 3.8-3.9 70s and stopped prime after i saw mid 70s on the H50 as well. but 3.6 setting actually if you flip through what got change>> its actually very modest. Sure you can tweak a few here and there but 3.6 for example only raised 1.86 > to 1.9 for v core which is pretty much what i would have done anyways from a 2.8 to a 3.6 that jump is very modest~ It's possible that you just had a chip that i heard was one of those that arent that great at ocing, no one chip is ever the same as well> so if John 1 has the exact same build as you with all parts and what not, he gets a stable 3.8 at 60-low 70s doesnt mean you will~ maybe you'll get a 3.6 at the same temp~ just a luck of the draw i suppose, everyone seems to say no one chip is the same, they all act a bit differently when ocing, try rma'n the entire thing if you can~ who knows~
  6. Quote:
    ASrock is one of the best mobo's for the money. Anyone who has screwed up an Overclock should blame themselves and not the computer. The H50 is a piece of ***. Get a real cooler and monitor temps

    Actually tons of overclockings are ocing with little less then H50~ check out others at overclock.net forums, H50 is actually a very good Hydro system, for price and performance
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