Unlocked 4th core on 720

hi i just unlocked the 4th core on my 720. everything runs fine, windows,games etc... so far at least. but when irun prime95 the 4th core alway fails the moment it startsrunning,and the rest dont. its the FAtATAl error rounding thing... any advice?shouldi turn of the 4th core or keepit on. 3dmark gave mehigher results with the 4th core but i wanna make sure that it wont hurt my system in the long run
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  1. If it's not Prime95 stable than it's not fully stable. It will result in program crashes/problems eventually. You could try increaseing cpu voltage to see if it becomes stable.
  2. Increase the voltage to 1.35 and see if that helps =)
  3. In ACC, set the other cores to "0", give the weaker 4th core a "+2" or something like that to help boost its performance. You should also boost voltage slightly.
  4. what psu do you have, its all about the power, if there isnt enough amps it will always faill..
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