I need overclocking advice from people smarter then me

ok i bought a new RIG and im getting alot of Yes and No answers on this. I bought a motherboard and CPU that are both 95W.

my motherboard is a ASUS M4A78LT-M LE AM3 AMD 780L Micro ATX. The motherboard supports 95W Max. I was told that if i unlock the 720 (4th core) im going to be going over the 95W thus causing problems. What do you think?

Now what ive read about my board ive read many users have unlocked the 4th core on this board. successfully. ok what if i cant unlock it without a voltage Bump. does that mean the Wattage will go up? 95W goes higher?

Now what im wondering is will i be able to unlock the 4th core without overclocking or am i stuck running the cpu at Stock settings. If i do run completely stock is it a good enough CPU for current games?

im lost and really need some help here. I dont want to fry anything and I do plan on buying a new board at tax time but until then this is what i got
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  1. Where have you read about people unlocking the fourth core? Did they specify any issues with their power once they were able to unlock the core? Remember that your CPU won't use up 95W, unless it's working under full load.
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