What do you see in youtube graphic or other video streaming online?

I am wondering if you see any improvement from youtube graphic after upgrading your VGA. I have a brand new Samsung monitor (the red frame, touch of color), but I still see no improvement in the graphic from videos online. Is it because my graphic card needs to be improved?

For youtube video, i see chunky block graphic when i maximize the window. I always have lagging stream video, is that normal right now?
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  1. Lol, it's low quality Youtube streaming. Lagging is from your low bandwidth internet connection. Changing hardware won't help.
  2. Yea, dagger's right. Depends on what time of the day you visit youtube as well. If you visit them when they're busy, there'll be more lag. And like he said, it's low quality anyway. Raising the resolution will make it become more pixelated
  3. its low resolution video. Changing the graphics card wont change the resolution of the video that you are watching.
  4. No matter how expensive your TV or GPU are, they will never improve video quality of poorly encoded video; streaming or otherwise.

    When a video is compressed down a lot of data is thrown out the window based on how small of a file you want to create. That data can never be retrieved. You can use a video encoding program (like virtualdub) to re-encode the video and apply some filters to help improve the video quality, but that is basically trying to improve upon what is left and it will not be perfect.
  5. The quality of YouTube is what it is, even the "High Quality Video" is only OK.
    The video card has nothing to do wit it.
  6. Oh okay, so it's basically the internet's fault. Can anyone link me to a downloadable video (prefer free) to amaze me the maximum performance for my new monitor?
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