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can anyone tell me any thing about the Freezone Elite CPU Chiller from cool it i am thinking of buying it but i want some public opinion first
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  1. Can you say what you will use it for? Do you have any special reasons? I run an 4 core at 4.4GHz with an air cooler.
  2. really well i have the thermatake level 10 for looks and i dont want to have hot air from my cpu cooler lurking into my two gtx 295's clock speeds and just for bragging rights i mean i dont want to be out done by my best friend who i taught how to build a pc
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    No question that the Freezone is top of the line. At $350, I think you would get much more bang for your buck by getting a faster CPU or graphics instead.
  4. thanks heaps but i have been doing some research and for max over clock and risk free installation it is the best choice for me :D
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