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will the oc guide for the i7 920 work with the 960 also?
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  1. scramman said:
    will the oc guide for the i7 920 work with the 960 also?

    thanks for the quick response
  2. Everyone on the planet has defaulted to conventional wisdom- the i-960 is just an i-920 V 2-Wrong! And, I am an engineer. Last Friday, a benchmark run but pros-not just me-was screaming fast. Way ahead of the 920 with newer mobo, etc and SSHD driving the train. Chill for 6-8 weeks. There is never an exact dup of any CPU. OC will differ just a little. Yes, the 920 guide will work, but its not the bottom line.
  3. You sure buzzy? ;) I know some of us know that the i7 960 3.2GHz is higher binned and has a higher stock multiplier. The O/C guide will work exactly the same for the i7 960 as the 920, considering that OP would have to lower the multiplier to as low as possible to see his max BCLK, and the multiplier/stock speed is the main difference between the i7 920 and i7 960. The i7 960 will have a higher chance of overclocking better however.
  4. buzzyone said:
    And, I am an engineer.

    That's very nice, now look at the date that the OP started this thread. :whistle:
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