4870X2 Reebooting on start of game

First up this is my system:
*CPU- AMD ATHLON 64x2 6000+ 3.0ghz

The trouble is that my 4870X2 is installed with drivers but reboots on every game just before it loads for playing...it goes black then my pc reboots. Originally i thought that maybe all the fans on my tower were using to much power and not enough for the card but 1000Watts..i read was a certified PSU and should be fine. Maybe its something in the bios?? or drivers??

Anyone help please?
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  1. Or a bad PSU?
  2. The thing is i bought the psu today its brand new..
  3. can be a bad graphic card. Even if the psu is new, it can still be bad. Hope you get your problem fix.
  4. nothing is over clocked and is standard.....i actually got 4870X2 running but only with ai catalyst disabled, so only 1 gpu which sucks...if i run it with ai on it says ATIKMDAG error?? is there a fix??
  5. its all pretty much standard i havent overclocked anything and fan speeds are as default...its something with the drivers...i just need the other gpu to work and im away....

    the error im gettin is ATIKMDAG i have searched all over the place trying to find a fix for it its pissing me off like a mofo
  6. Dude, I have very similar problem but it doesn't reboot always. Only sometimes. Certain games work fine always and others like Farcry 2 cause reboots. NO idea what the problem is either. Crysis also reboots but again only sometimes. WHen I first started playing Crysis it was fine I played for at least 3-4 hours and then I stopped playing for a while, then installed new drivers, and few days later I wanted to continue playing and now get frequent reboots with Crysis. I can't even run farcry 2 benchmarks anymore as I get reboot before the 3d gfx are about to appear. I would say something was introduced into the recent drivers (8.10 definitely but 8.9 possibly also).

    I think my problem started with the farcry 2 hotfix drivers. WHen I installed them, I started to get the reboots. I had prob uninstalling them and reinstalling 8.10 final drivers so I did system restore to before I installed the hotfix. Even so I now still get those reboots.

    My system: 4.4 ghz E8600, 2x4870x2, 4 gigs ram, 1200 watt power, 64-bit vista.

    Crysis, World in Conflict, Farcry 2 are the main culprits. Cause frequent reboots.

    Other games like Grid, Mass effect, fallout 3, crysis warhead, assassin's creed are fine.

    ALL I have to say is I gave ATI another chance but I am TOTALLY DONE WITH ATI. NEVER EVER EVER EVER again will I buy an ATI product. Never had these BS probs with Nvidia. And the crossfire scaling and microstuttering in some games is just pure garbage.
  7. Absolute garbage card. Who in there right mind would buy one knowing how much of a lemon they are. I bought mine out of confidence of the performance I've had from previous ATI cards. I have had an Asus EAH4870X2 running for 4days now. In that time I've had temporary and permanent black screening and micro stuttering. In the game Guild Wars, window mode is dark and pixilated. It was not doing that when I first got it, but now it is. Others have had issues in World Of Warcraft. Crisis runs ok, until the dark lord come and takes the fun away. I'd be happy if it would just blow up so I can get a refund on it. I'm not interested in things like, "perhaps it's your PSU?" or anything that points towards any inability to build a nice system without checking compatabilities and blindly spending savings. Let me assure you that my spendings are not light and nor is my hardware.

    All over the web it's the same story with random black screening. Yes get over it now and never buy a 4800 series as they are nothing more than ATI's sad attempt at holding the powerful GPU market.

    If a complete product recall is not bought about on these, I will never touch another and I spend a lot! The company deserves to go under ripping people of like they do. I doubt that any BIOS or driver updates will fix it's issues as they have been the same issues for many months!!! Whats worse is they are still producing and selling them! OMG! As of current Catalyst driver v9.4 under Vista 64bit, it's the same old thing.

    Shove it AMD/ATI! I'm not happy with your junk and it wasted $850AU of mine. I can't send it back because if I do, they will test it, see a picture on their monitor, tell me it works an there is nothing more I can do.

    If anyone is considering buying one of these, then you would have rocks in your head. I should listen to others more.
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