MY 4850 runs poorly on Far cry 2 with HOTFIX

I've tried 8.10 and the newest "clearsky and hells highway" hot fix and the one before 8.10, "which is what i used to use". I get about the same fps on all drivers on 1650x1020 no aa. Im using dx9 on xp btw and I can play crysis, mass effect, hl2, dead space and a bunch of other games fine, with new and old drivers.

Im running 4850 stock and q6600 stock. With that res, there shouldn't be much cpu bottlenecking im sure. When I look at other videos and benchmark reviews, I see that they are able to run 1650x + resolutions and get better frames than me on a 4850. For example Hard ocp

The settings they used are 1920x1200 Ultra High no AA and they get average 41, max of 51 and a min of 32.
What I get on 1680x1050, aa2x ultra high, is about 22 average, max of 29, and min of 14. thats copied off the report.
Without AA is the same thing, about 26average max of 36 and min of 19. WTH!!!

Right now, I "try" to play the game at 1680x1050 no aa ultra high but i cant, its too slow so I drop res down to 1280 something with aa and it works ok, alot better of course. vsync off.

Now it bugs me when Hard ocp and others can run fc2 on ultra high, with a 4850 on resolutions like 1920x1200 and I cant and if its cpu, someone please tell me because im sure its not bounded anymore after 1680x with aa ultra high. From the benchmarks i've seen, it seems q6600 at 2.4ghz is about almost the same speed as c2d at 3.0ghz on fc2, correct me if im wrong and the majority of the benchmarks i've seen for the 4850 were done on 3.0ghz-3.2ghz processor.

Now heres q6600 2.4 scaling in fc2 to same speed as c2d 3.0ghz,663817/Reviews/Far_Cry_2_GPU_and_CPU_benchmarks/?page=2

now here they run 4850 on 1680x1050 and get low of 17 and avg of 27, BUT ON 4xaa!!!!!! WTH, Mine is a slide show when i put it on 4xaa, the menu becomes so slow and the game is unplayable. it does it to all 3 drivers that i've tested, and the latest.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled. And to check and make sure if it was the no cd crack i was using, I removed the exe and put the original disc back in and ran it with cd and it was the same.

Can anyone please help me, I was so excited about the game, i pre-ordered, recieved it, played it, tried to, cant even play it... DANG IT! I want to play it on my day off, geeeeez
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  1. can anyone help me? Am I in the right section?
  2. sorry.. which hotfix is that? there was 2 releases of the hotfix
  3. kinda lol....

    You have bottlenecked cus of CPU, CPU dont bottle enck resolution man, at least not at those levels.

    Let me explain this fast, CPU in 1 way or anotehr still has to calculate some some aprts of the video itself, the more rasolution, the more CPU speed needs in a kinda non lineal way.

    anything 1650x1080 needs AT LEAST a 2.8...

    btw dont forget the 4850 needs better cooling as i say in all topics, it really gets 2 hot to prosses its full technologies.

    last part, check all possible bottlenecks:

    I bet u dont use RAID 0, mayb u have not defregaed comp for long? how much ram u got? its mhz? its timings? as u see i asked some things but i bet your mind is already trying to think about more things.

    for any questions about bottlenecking, PM me.
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