E8500 @ 4.2GHz

Real quick, I just updated my kid's computer to a quad core and I dropped his old E8500 into our spare computer. I was running the 8500 at 3.8GHz but I put an Asus Royal Knight HSF on it and bumped it up to 4.2 GHz and it is running Prime95 for 8 hours and not breaking 55C. I will get BSOD @ 4.25GHz so I just backed it down to 4.2 to be safe. Is anyone else getting these kind of OC's out of their 8500 on air?
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  1. Don't have an E8500, but my E8400 runs at 4.165 GHz at 1.28v on air (Ninja+) mid 50's.
  2. No Kidding? I should have pushed this thing harder sooner! I had a Zalaman on it when I was running 3.8GHz.
  3. what the prossedure you did to get this gain on it . i cant get it more that 3.6
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