Very Low 3dmark06 score

My 3dMark06 score is 5583, and according to the website my system should be around 11000?!!

My specs are:
E8400 3.0 ghz (Temp ~ 45°C max)
Gigabyte 8800GT factory overclocked (temperature ~40°C max)
Gigabyte EP35-DS3 motherboard
650 Watt Antec True Power Trio
2x2 GB 800mhz RAM (Transcend)

I have tried different nVidia drivers, but same thing
I also tested RAM using memtest86+ - no errors found.

I also get the blue screen error "nvlddmkm.sys" only on Startup. Not sure if its a related issue?

Can anyone advice what the problem is? Is it possible that the motherboard is faulty?

Edit: What do the numbers on "PCI-E 2.0x16@x1" mean?

Update : I think I just found the problem but not sure how to fix it. For 8800gt it is supposed to be PCI-E 2.0x16@x16. How do I set it to x16?
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  1. In the bios there should be a setting called 'PEG Force X1'
    it should be set to disabled. The setting name may be different so just have a look around in your bios. Good luck
  2. My bios only has the option to set Init display to either :

    1. PCI
    2. PEG

    The default is PCI, I just changed it to PEG which is the PCI-E, but still nothing.
  3. If you have another x16 slot, try the card in there . Otherwise reset the bios and see if it works.
  4. RMA'd the works fine now.
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