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I have had this computer for 3 years. For the last month I turn my computer off - verified "Computer is shutting down." Give about 5 min to as much as 2 hours the computer starts without any button being pressed. Wake-on-LAN is disabled - I went as far as unplugging the network cable has not worked. Yesturday, I purchased a new PSU. Did not help. Any suggestions?

Ran updated AVG scan - neg. Memory diag. - neg. Surface scan - neg. Have NOT tried OS reinstall yet.
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  1. Your software may have become corrupted. Try the repair install, sixth post from the top in this forum. The repair does not erase personal files or programs, but sets the OS back to a default state.
  2. You need to be sure the PC is shutting down and not going into suspend or something. Check all PC lights to make sure the are off, move the mouse and tap on the keyboard once it's shutdown to make sure the PC does not wake up (except the network that will blink with the PC off also).
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