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My friend gave my an old Tyan Tiger K8W mobo complete with processor, case, and the rest of the computer. I finally plugged it in and notciced that while I have it plugged into my router via LAN it was not showing it as connected. I checked in Network connections and all it displayed was an IEEE 1394 connection, no LAN. Finally I went to the device manager and found out that no driver was installed for the ethernet controller. I've got no idea what to do now. I've googled it and I can't find any driver downloads, and all I've thought of is updating the BIOS. Can anyone link me to the driver, or post a tutorial or something on how to flash a bios without access to floppy drives. Finally I would very much prefer if I didn't have to buy anything. No FDD, not network cards, etc.

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  1. If the Ethernet controller is the Intel 82541E1, the drivers should be available in the OS or they can be downloaded from Intel. Flashing the BIOS won't make the Ethernet ports work.

    BIOS flashing instructions: http://www.tyan.com/tech/how_to_flash.aspx
  2. So... how exactly would I determine which one is mine?
  3. Your motherboard has an integrated Intel 82541EI GbE LAN controller.
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