No Operating System Detected - Do I Need A New Hard Drive?

A while ago when i tried to install windows 7 on an XP disk when trying to boot windows 7 install from cd i got the message something something config file is missing.

I just decided to install it on another hard drive and instead now just use the drive for storage space.

I tried again to install windows 7 on it today, got the config missing error, so i quick formatted the drive and now i get the message "No Operating System Detected" when trying to boot Windows 7 or Boot and Nuke.

I thinking of doing a more thorough format, but i'd have to do one while keeping my computer running.

Has anyone got a solution or do i need a new hard drive?
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  1. Before spending money, check the BIOS settings to make sure that Boot Order includes the hard drive (preferably first).
  2. It is and was, it's okay my drive is still in warranty with Western Digital so they will replace it.

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