Athlon x2 5000+ Brisbane core voltage?

Sorry this isn't about overclocking, but I figured overclockers are most knowledgeable about tinkering with voltages. My computer is a year old, I haven't had problems with it, but I used a program called CPU-Z and found out the core voltage is set at 1.856

I later found out that Brisbane CPUs are supposed to be in the range about 1.25~1.35. But I am pretty sure it is set to auto in bios. Only I use this computer, I built it myself, and I never have messed with bios.

Should I be worried about this high voltage, and should I change it even if this was the default value? I would not know what to do if I change it to a low number and it wouldn't boot because of insufficient voltage.
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  1. Nevermind...problem solved!
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