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Samsung 160 GB 2 5 is recognised only as 33 GB of hard disk

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March 12, 2010 4:16:27 PM

After preparing the hdd 2.5 samsung 160 gb with Samsung disk manager (ontrack), the samsung disk manager didn't ask for DDO (disk drive overlay) and install it. On the samsung disk manager, I found under tools a command to get rid of DDO with the warning : All your datas will be lost., Doesn't mather if the disk was new. But after that every progs I try reconnise it like a 33 gb even if I used the writing track to zero function.

need help


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a c 127 G Storage
March 12, 2010 7:42:06 PM

Insert windows cd/dvd, enter setup.

1) does it detect your drive?
2) can you delete all partitions?
3) can you create a new partition?
4) can it see all 160GB?

You don't explain why you used Samsung Disk Manager.
March 13, 2010 2:23:22 AM

at the first 1) Yes with all progrs I used like ontrack dm, fdisk for dos, ptedit, but the laptop is an hp nc6120 without no HDD refencial menu.
2) There is no visible and/or detectable partition.
3) Probabely, but I don't think it won't help for something.
4) If you talk about the laptop, I inform you about this model but with an usb 4.5 diskette reader and a ms dos os I can use a lot of string to at least
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March 13, 2010 2:38:01 AM

I didn't finished to read you all.
By the way, thanks to give a help on my case.
I used the samsung dm because the hdd 2.5 is a samsung model HM160HC.
And no even on a pc plugrd like an external usb drive or like a internal drive in the hp nc6120, It continue the detected like a 33gb.
a c 127 G Storage
March 13, 2010 7:24:49 AM

Please re-read my message. I was takling about Windows Setup; not Ontrack or whatever program you used earlier. I'm talking Windows.

Insert windows CD and install.

Again: what's the problem? The HDD gets detected by windows, you can partition it and install to it. Right?
March 13, 2010 1:41:05 PM

Ello sub mesa,

Excuses the way I understand your question.

I plug it with a usb adapter on a winXP pro and on the hard disk manager it seen like a unallocated 31.9 gb basic har drive.
Do you really want to I prepare this disk to install windows with the nc6120? Is it what you thing I have to do?
P.S.: I fix the hard drive on a HP nc8230 with rhe same result than the hp nc 6120
And if I try to install winxp pro the installer present the hdd like a 33gb unformated.
Do you want I install it anyway?

a c 127 G Storage
March 13, 2010 2:54:17 PM

Sorry if i sound impatient. I'll try to help you. Though your story is still not entirely clear to me.

However, from what i understand your 160GB notebook drive gets detected as a 32GB disk instead. Correct?

First, is your disk Parallel ATA (PATA) or Serial ATA (SATA)?

You say both the BIOS detects it as 32GB, and Windows setup also; so you can't use the full 160GB capacity. Correct?

Have you changed any jumpers on the HDD? Some may limit the capacity to 32GB; especially on older drives. So if you changed any jumpers on the HDD; it may cause this issue.

Its also possible the HDD is defective in any way; damaged. Can you try connecting the HDD to another (modern) computer? Do you have the same problems then?
March 14, 2010 5:39:18 PM

No problem, I never I fell you impatient.
It's probely my english who are not enought correct. I have difficulty to explain myself. And yes It is my error to didn't give you all information about this peripheral.
I appreciate the time you give to my case without knowing me and I wil correct my mist the best I can.
To answer to your first question the viewing of the 32 gb was seen by the storage disk manager of win xp. Not by the bios. And the disk is pata.
Second question, this disk have only two way to junp it, master or cable select. Now it's set on cable select and it was before.
I can't see it in the laptop's bios because on model HP nc 6120 or nc 8230 there is no menu about the hard drive. I don't know how to view this hard drive directly on a bios.
It's act like the internal rom of the disk as been modified by the removed of DDO (disk drive ovelay).
When I wrote hdd was detected like a 33 or 32, it's depend if I used fdisk or XP storage disk manager, or another disk manager.
it's because I don't have any laptop with hdd viewer in there bios.
I don't know if there is a peripheral (adapter) who permit to plug this hdd 2.5 on a 80 pins cable?
March 15, 2010 1:14:58 PM

I installed winxp pro on a hp nc 8230 wiihout problem. but in the win xp disk manager I view a 31.49 gb without unallocated partition. It's like this disk (sansung model hm160hc) is stuck with it. I really don't no what to do. And I know this behavior start when I retreived the DDO who was inject by Samsung disk manager v. 10.42.
I'm always stuck and I will try to contact Samsung about this case. I let you know if I get development about it.