Lag spikes every minute... what should I do?

Hey, I have a Asus P5k deluxe which has the built in wireless adapter but ever since I've got it I've had this problem where I will get a bad lag spike every minute. so I tried using the Dlink WDA-1320 PCI adapter, and it did fix the problem but the adapter broke... so I replaced it with a warranty exchange, and it broke again. So i decided to try out the Linksys WMP54G wireless adapter instead since i already have a linksys router. well the linksys adapter did the same thing where it would have a bad lagspike every minute. I started looking around and people said on other forums that with Windows Vista it does a Background scan every minute to look for access points, so I tried WLAN Optimizer to override the background scan, but it didnt work at all, then i also tried Vista-anti Lag to override the background scan but that also didnt work, so now I am thinking that it isnt the background scan at all. I have tried to update the drivers for the Linksys adapter but that just caused the card to crash and the card stopped working so i had to revert the driver back.

I am in a real pickle here, or atleast I think i am, maybe the solution is easier than i thought... So can someone help me out? anyone have a clue whats going on here?
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  1. well I guess I somehow fixed it... I made another attempt at updating my drivers but this time it successfully worked, i dont know why it didnt before. but it still had the lag with that, than i ran WLAN Otimizer again, in command prompt i did a ping -n 300, and through all 300 pings it didnt spike once. I also tried out playing Counter-Strike: Source for about 20 minutes, also no more lag. I guess WLAN Optimizer only works when you have fully updated drivers... and for some reason updating failed the first time... wow what a waste of my time, atleast its fixed now
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