MSI P35 Platinum Combo fails memory test

My P35 Platinum Combo has recently begun failing to boot; the diagnostic LED's indicate the problem is a 'Memory Module Damaged Or Installed Improperly' error. The funny thing, though is that when i remove my PCI-e video card (nvidia 8800 gtx) and put in a standard PCI video card (nvidia 5800) the system boots up fine. Also, if i try for long enough sometimes the system will come up with the PCI-e card (usually several dozen reboot attempts). I know this isn't a power issue (i've tested with several different PSUs), and i'm fairly certain its not a RAM issue. That leaves me with a video card issue, or a mobo issue (probably northbridge). Has anybody else seen this problem and solved it?
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  1. step 1. Test the vid card in another PC (friends, family, etc...)
    step 2. DROP THAT MSI POS OFF A CLIFF, and get an ASUS or Gigabyte (even Foxconn, and ECS are still better than MSI)
  2. Re-check that diagnostic code :pfff:. It might be warning you that you have a MSI mobo installed in your computer.
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