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I have a Q6600 in an MSI mobo P7N and I have it clock to 3gig 1333 FSB its running a bit hot 48c at the cores. Should I play with the voltages to see if I can get it cooler?
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  1. 48C is at idle I presume?

    You want to do your best to run the CPU with as low a voltage as possible to keep it stable.

    You also do not mention if you are using the stock cooler or something else?

    What are the temps under full load?
  2. Hello.Yes that is at Idal speeds. And I'm using a thermal teck all copper heat sink for the CPU. I was able to score 13992 on 3Dmark 2006 and 9893 on the new 3Dmark. Its not on the greatest mobo an MSI P7N. 2gig Ram DDR 2 800 Corsair XMS SLI certified. V Card ATI 4870 512mb ddr5 ram hard drive 1000gig carver MSI 22X DVD Burner 700W Power supply.Windows 7 OS. So it seems to be stable. High end of temp. 60c under load.
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    60 C load temps are pretty good. 70 C temps, for example, are pushing the upper edge.
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