Bent pins?

I attempted to do a BSEL tape mod on an Intel E7300 CPU (on a Dell). After booting, the computer would bluescreen, so I decided that the BSEL mod wasn't worth the trouble and proceeded to remove the piece of tape. After reapplying Arctic Silver 5, the computer would boot but would never get to the Windows loading screen. It would just go straight to a black screen and do nothing (it sounded like the hard drive was working, but the Vista sound that plays after successfully loading Windows never played, so I assume it's not a bad monitor or display output). During this whole ordeal, I noticed the PSU spark a little bit when plugging/unplugging it from the computer. Because of all of these factors, I'm having a hard time narrowing down what the problem may be.

Could the pins in the CPU socket be bent? I must have removed/cleaned/pasted the CPU at least 3 times, so that could be possible. Did the sparking PSU short circuit something? I also noticed that I got a little bit of thermal paste on the underside of the CPU after the last removal and decided to wipe it off since leaving it there certainly would do no good, but that happened after the bluescreen and failed load to black screen. I haven't even tried to reboot it after the pads were blemished. Is it unsafe to clean the pads under a CPU?

I think it basically boils down to whether or not the pins in the CPU socket were bent or if the PSU sparked and short circuited something. Which one is more likely to happen, and how would I find out which problem it may be?

I need help on this matter ASAP, and any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance!

(I'm going to post this under the CPU section too since I'm not sure if it fits here)
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  1. The pins should be fine, however Your motherboard may be shorting out. Also what brand/wattage PSU do you have? As for cleaning the socket, use rubbing alchohol and Q-Tips. However it sounds like the MB has taken a crap, thanks to the PSU. When you get another MB, make sure it's not an MSI.
  2. Didn't you already post the identical issue on another forum? Multiple-posting is a big no-no, as it just confuses people and wastes everyone's time. Let's stick to your other thread for any more answers.

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