RMA'd 7200.8, got 7200.11

The other day I RMA'd my 7200.8 400gb, and got a 7200.11 500gb. Is this an upgrade or a downgrade? Is the 7200.11 fast, or a crappy eco drive?
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  1. Not sure in terms of performance, but in reliability, it is a downgrade. The 7200.11 drives come standard with a self bricking feature. It is really shnazzy.

    In all seriousness, before putting important data on it, do some research on the firmware issue, otherwise you will be sending it in for RMA again.
  2. MAybe then tey will send me a 7200.12 lol.
  3. After the firmware update it's really not too bad, just make sure that you have the SD1A Firmware, NOT the SD17, SD18, or SD15 Firmware.
  4. Linky? Plus, Is it slower? Cuase i might have to end a very long streak of family use of Seagate products, and only Seagate after this experience.

    ALSO: Time to edit sig lol.

    Also, next build my have a Samsung Spinpoint in it......
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