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I'm asking about my Foxconn AM2+ motherboard A79A-S. The provided sys fan is one 4 pin (meaning PWM enabled). So how many 80 mm or 120 mm PWM fans could you bank together into the 1 connection into the mobo sys-fan? I understand that by using PWM in bios & software, that one could put power into the connector with an easy 25% margin of comfort. Would that be proper thinking? Some of the Supermicros have done this. My skill level isn't up to interpreting their position. So this looks like a good alternative instead of joining 4 fans to 4 connectors separately. What are the downsides?
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  1. Artic Cooling might have an answer by inference. Looking for a 120 mm PWM fan, I came across this info from AC, they claim:

    Bios fan controller on all motherboards with 4 pin CPU cooler connection

    * Regulate RPM speed of up to 5 fans by the o­nboard CPU fan controller

    * Lowest noise level for a given system load

    * Control the entire cooling for your needs (silent / quiet / overclocking) via BIOS settings
    source -

    In this case, they're talking about the 4 pin CPU fan connector. Do you think there's a difference for the Sys-Fan connector?
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