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While getting ready to do a fresh re-install of Windows XP on my PC, I was checking out all the files on my Backup (Maxtor III 300 GB external drive). I noticed that I only show 120 GB of space used the main hard drive on the PC but nearly the full 300 GB on the backup. I've been exploring the contents to find duplications and cant seem to locate any.

Any reason why there would be such a large discrepancy for the backup drive to be so full vs. the main hard drive?
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    Have you enabled "Show hidden/system files"
    Other than that, you can do a comparision of the individual directories right click and go to properties ( I assume that the back-up drive is suppose to contain what is on your Main drive. If everything you want is on your main drive and you cannot find the discrepency, the just reformat your Back-up drive and start over. KEY WORD HERE IS, their is nothing you need/want on the back up drive.

    Added: then there is the hard way - go to dos prompt, do a cd.. untill you are at the root directory (ie c;\) then type without quotes "Dir *.* /s > list.txt" do this also for your back-up drive. Then print these two files and over a beer (may need a keg) compare the two lists.
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  3. Thanks Retired Chief. You are probably right in that just reformatting the backup drive is probably the easiest/best solution. There is nothing on the backup that isn't on the main drive so that's what I'm going to do. Appreciate the reminder that sometimes the easiest solution is the best one.
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